3ds Max Training:

3ds Max is always geared to digital content production for animation using computers and video games. The utilization of 3ds Max software for image rendering has enhanced in multi-fold by the institution of v-ray renders. For envisaging a building construction in several lighting environments, it’s possible utilizing 3ds Max now. Al Manal Training Center is now offering 3ds Max training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for candidates who are eagerly looking to pursue a career into it. Learning this course with us will not only help you grow yourself but also help your future career prospects.

Course Curriculum:

Our 3ds Max Classes in Abu Dhabi has the following course contents:

  • Understanding the 3D environment
  • Touring the interface
  • Viewports
  • Command Panels
  • Other UI elements
  • Setting preferences correctly
  • Object building
  • Transform tools
  • Creating duplicates
  • AEC Techniques
  • Spline theory
  • Working with splines
  • Utilizing shape modifiers
  • Applying materials
  • Leveraging 2D Maps
  • Overview of direct lighting
  • Creating 3 point and dome lighting rigs
  • Shadows and shadow theory
  • Shadow parameters
  • Understanding animation
  • Controllers
  • Texture model
  • Animating bipeds
  • Render scene dialog
  • Scene states
  • Light mapping with texture baking
  • Creating limbs
  • Rigging a character
  • Creating non-linear animation

Objectives of our 3ds Max training in Abu Dhabi:

Here are some of the key objectives of our training:

  • Constructing and rendering scenes
  • Building and altering 3D geometry
  • Comprehending and applying lighting and resources for practicality
  • Building desktop animations
  • Move Autodesk 3ds Max Design UI
  • Getting the most from utilizing shadow theory
  • Building 3D models from 2D models
  • Create and animate easy, successful environments
  • Animate simple entities
  • Model objects utilizing a range of tips

Benefits of 3ds Max:

  • With the application of 3ds Max through the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry, it’s easy to achieve Architectural 3D demonstrating
  • Effective 3D models with excellent compatibility can be formed
  • 3ds Max has powerful rendering functionality which can be of real help in saving time
  • It enhances viewport performance
  • It has amazing UI than Maya, making the job real easy
  • With 3ds Max, you can easily enable individuals to weight vector graphics

These are some of the amazing benefits of 3ds Max. There are many more benefits which you can find once you learn and try to implement it.

Who can attend this course?

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Game Developers
  • Animators

Also, anyone who is greatly interested in this course and want to seek a career in it can join this course training.


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