Advanced Excel Training:

Are you feeling that a fundamental or an intermediate Excel training doesn’t enhance you knowledge anymore? Then, you have got to go for Advanced Excel Training to perfect your skills and enhance productivity at your workplace quickly. Perfect your skills and be the best among your colleagues by getting trained on Advanced Excel training in Abu Dhabi. Al Manal Training Center is the best training institute in Abu Dhabi for Advanced Excel training. Advanced Excel course will enhance your skill set with Microsoft Spreadsheet program and will make you more competent at your office and will enhance your career professionally.

Advanced Excel training in Abu Dhabi

Learning Advanced Excel at our institute will be a great weapon in your arsenal for your future career development. We have got highly experienced professionals who can give quality training with best practices, so that students can easily understand the course. Many a times our experts spoke with various students and have understood that they really need a deeper understanding of formulas too to be good at Excel. So, to all of them, the answer is Al Manal Training Center as we start from scratch and help students understand excel completely.

Course Curriculum:

  • Outline of Excel Environment
  • Usage of Shortcuts
  • Developments and Scenarios utilizing charts
  • Guidelines and Techniques to improve dashboard designing
  • Overview of VBA
  • Getting Started with PivotTables
  • User Defined Function
  • Error Handling
  • Slicers
  • Using Custom AutoFill Lists
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Manage Macros
  • Comprehending RDBMS concept
  • Data Forms
  • Outlining and Grouping Data
  • Special Features for Filtered Lists
  • Splitting Windows
  • Analysis tool pack
  • Building your worksheet interactive by utilizing actions
  • Goal Seek and Data Tables
  • Visual Basic and Macros
  • Identifying Records Using Criteria

These are a few course topics to give students a better understanding of the course. More topics will be discussed once you join Advanced Excel Classes in Abu Dhabi.

Why Advanced Excel Training in Abu Dhabi Matters:

Everyone understands the importance of Excel particularly for a business or at a workplace. When successfully utilized, it’s an incredibly powerful tool which permits you to operate bulk amounts of data, and present it in a manner that suits you. This is the key reason why Excel matters the most for anyone. Our Advanced Excel courses in Abu Dhabi are sure to transform your excel skills within few weeks, using which you will be a better individual in achieving new things.

Goals of our training:

  • Students will understand how to use pivot table in excel.
  • They will put on visual components and advanced formulas into the worksheet to present information in diverse formats.
  • Students will learn how to organize Advanced Excel 2010 techniques and enhance their work accuracy.
  • Candidates will be very capable enough to streamline their daily activities successfully and improve productivity.

Benefits of our training:

  • You will be capable enough to break the complex applications down into basic steps.
  • Utilizing advanced graphs in minutes and complete the work as a substitute to killing hours to figure out.
  • Students will be able to improve interaction by automating spreadsheets.
  • You can easily answer difficult problems with superpower functions.
  • You will be able to turn raw data into decisions by leveraging PivotTables.


So, if you are looking for the finest Advanced Excel training institute in Abu Dhabi, then you are definitely at the right place. We are the best Advanced Excel training center in Abu Dhabi at present and will teach our students the advanced excel training with precision. Reach us 00971545069695 today and we shall enhance your skills within no time.

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