AutoCAD 2D Training:

Whenever you see a tall building, a bridge, or an imposing structure, we feel that AutoCAD engineering was definitely utilized to build these incredible monuments. Yes! It’s true many a times. Architects need consistent technology like AutoCAD software that supports their key needs so that a virtual art is build. If you are interested into learning AutoCAD, then welcome to Al Manal Training Center LLC in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are providing AutoCAD 2D training in Abu Dhabi at present for individuals who are greatly interested to learn this course. Our experts are on the verge of helping students understand and make them understand this course effectively so that it helps for their future.

Autocad Training in Abu Dhabi

Course Curriculum:

Few of the topics that will be covered in our AutoCAD 2D training institute in Abu Dhabi include the following:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • The Working Environment
  • Dashboard
  • Navigating AutoCAD
  • Exhibiting AutoCAD Objects
  • Fundamental Drawing Functionality
  • Working with AutoCAD Files
  • Polar Tracking
  • World Coordinate System, X/Y/Z Filters
  • Building Fundamental Objects
  • Object Pursuing
  • Plotter Hardware and Plotting Exercises
  • Data Input
  • Building Viewports
  • ACAD Function Keys
  • Setting Dimensioning Variables
  • Entity Snaps
  • Polar Tracking
  • Advanced Drafting Commands
  • AutoCAD Rendering and Material Attachment
  • Linear Dimensions
  • Templates
  • Copying Layouts

Course Objectives:

Few of the simple course objectives of our AutoCAD 2D training course include:

  • Viewpoint of the AutoCAD Self-paced Education Segments
  • Familiarize candidates all the AutoCAD Software Necessities
  • Announce candidates to begin utilizing the AutoCAD Components
  • Laboratory Exercises and Capability Tests, etc.
  • Elucidate drawing by utilizing annotations
  • Build several designs utilizing numerous tools.
  • Design the illustration by scale
  • Comprehend about the ideas and tips to draw
  • To utilize constraint for assured design

Learner Outcomes of our AutoCAD 2D training in Abu Dhabi:

After getting trained at our AutoCAD 2D training centre, candidates will be able to:

  • Identify hardware elements of the AutoCAD
  • You can build multi views with an extra isometric outlook
  • Save sketches in various formats
  • You will be capable enough to arrange software limitations
  • Measurement sketches utilizing associative dimensioning
  • You will can easily build 3 dimensional entities and build multi views from these replicas
  • You will be able to assign resources to models
  • Candidates can simply build and inset a block with characteristics
  • You will learn how to plan drawings effortlessly
  • You can easily plan project and construct it on the quick prototype


The major takeaway for this course by seeing all the above results that a candidate will get by attending this course is, he/she will be developed into a matured individual and understand how to apply the learnt techniques effectively. Also, as we are the best AutoCAD 2D training center in Abu Dhabi right now, join us and we shall help you pave a way for your successful career ahead. Besides providing quality training on AutoCAD 2D, our experts also help in suggesting few amazing things that will help in shaping your career. We are also offering this course for a very reasonable price too. Give us a call today to join our course: +971545069695.