Do you love coding? But, want to gain more expertise and enhance productivity in your organization? Al Manal Training Center is the best training institute now available in Abu Dhabi, UAE and offering courses on all IT skills. There are numerous institutes that provide these training to students and employees, but no other institute can match our skill. We are experienced personnel who have decades of expertise in their respective areas and can offer instant solutions to your typical learning problem and make you learn the course with ease.

Things to consider before picking an institute:

Before making a choice on which institute is the right pick for you to complete a particular course, always do a background verification of the institute. Know if the institute is a reputed one or not, check out the testimonials, etc. If you don’t check these out, then you are sure going to waste all your money learning vague information. According to many students how have given feedback to us, Al Manal Training Institute is the first-rate institute in Abu Dhabi at present.

Also, the next thing you must look at is the kind of courses they are offering. Most of the institutes begin their journey as a start-up and give training only on limited IT and management courses and they have less training staff. So, check out the institute you are picking is offering wide-range of services on different domains and areas. Speaking of us, we offer courses in accounting, CAD, designing, management, Microsoft courses, etc. IELTS, medical coding, advanced excel courses are some of the most pursued courses by man students in different domains. We have many experts who are giving quality training on these courses.

Utmost important factor for institute selection:

A vital factor that must be considered before going for a training institute is the price factor. Most of the students don’t pick the institute if the price factor is not satisfied. So, we have decided to put the price very low, so that it doesn’t trouble the students and they can make the right decision.

Vital reasons to why only choose Al Manal Training?

  • We have qualified staff each having decades of experience in training students
  • We give training with limited number of students in each class, so that training will be effective and students can clear their doubts then and there
  • Training at Al Manal is as per the current industry standards and so we are considered the best IT training institute. Students who got trained at us have been highly productivity in their jobs
  • We offer training on real projects, so that students will get clear understanding of how today’s employment is running
  • We always offer customized training to satisfy the present day employer needs. Employers have diverse needs based on their projects and so we provide training in such a way that their employees become efficient at their work.


So, we are no doubt the top IT Training institute in Abu Dhabi. Get to us today to master the courses effectively in the shortest time possible and be on the verge of continued successes. To get in touch with our experts, call: +97 1545069695.