Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is dedicated to strategies for creating and maintaining a loyal customer base,  developing effective business plans and following the best business practices. Our course aim is to help you gain understanding of these strategies in order to achieve a long-term stability and profitability for your company. The core goal of Al Manal Training Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE is to help you get Customer Relation Management training in Abu Dhabi, with which you can enhance your career prospects significantly.

Customer Relation Management training in Abu Dhabi

Course Outline:

Below are few topics which will be covered under our Customer Relation Management Training:

  • Outline to CRM
  • Role of Information Technology
  • Explaining your CRM Procedure
  • Getting knowledge from Data
  • The Phases of Development for CRM and Data Warehouse
  • Creating the CRM Data Warehouse
  • Consumer Learning Curve
  • Supervision of Consumer for Revenue
  • The Financial Worth of CRM
  • Handouts
  • The Tactical Look of Data Warehousing and Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Confidentiality: Safeguarding Assurance
  • Deploying Discretion and Consumer Views
  • Executing CRM

Critical Achievement Aspects for Data Warehousing and Customer Relationship Management

The course aims at developing understanding of:

In our Customer Relation Management courses in Abu Dhabi, our goal is to make candidates understand:

  • Consumer behaviour, customer satisfaction, trustworthiness, Consumer defection, etc.
  • Vital theories like Closed Loop Marketing and Sales Supervision
  • Customer Relationship Management effect on sales and marketing plans
  • Customer and Company security issues
  • Ways unhappy Consumers may utilize Internet to convey disgrace to business and its services and products
  • Methods in which businesses may utilize technology containing Internet to provision corporate CRM plan
  • The part played by CRM in handling consumers as critical properties
  • The part of Business Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of Implementing Customer Relationship Management Training in Abu Dhabi:

  • It highly cost-effective
  • Easily tailor-made as per the businesses current processes
  • Helps in making the call center operations practical
  • Maintains and fastens Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Helps in breaking database into several categories and subcategories
  • Offers data with lightning speed by programming information processing
  • Assists in cross selling and upselling
  • Benefits by producing short and long-term marketing plans
  • Eliminates paper utilization
  • Produce quality leads
  • Data easily reached to several employees instantly
  • Helps in tracking of leads and their sources

Strategies available to CRM Course

  • To save customers by getting them back
  • To invite fresh and probable customers
  • To build trustworthiness among current customers
  • To encourage consumers to buy something that is more expensive


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