Data Science Training in Abu Dhabi:

Data science deals with leveraging the data, which is extracted for making some good decisions in a business. Usually data is in structured and unstructured format and data scientists leverage their skills in maths, programming, and statistics to organize and clean the data. So, to be proficient in it, get Data science course in Abu Dhabi at Al Manal training institute.

data science training in Abu Dhabi


Course Outline:

Below are some of the topics that you will learn in our Data science training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Python Programming
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Cleaning using python
  • Data Visualization using python
  • Data Modelling using python
  • Machine Learning using python

Course Objectives:

  • We shall help you build competitive benefit from structured as well as unstructured data
  • Our program is designed in a way that you will learn how to forecast results with administered machine learning techniques
  • Discover designs in customer behaviour with hearsay methods
  • We will help you gain expertise with R and RHadoop to evaluate unstructured, structured, and big data

These are only a few objectives of our course. More will be learnt once you join our course.

Benefits of learning Data science:

Below are the top benefits of pursuing Data science as your future career:

  • Candidates will progress in their programming capabilities
  • Candidates will illustrate expertise with statistical analysis of information
  • You will progress your capability to create and evaluate data-based models
  • You can perform statistical analyses with expert arithmetic software
  • Candidates will gain the ability to illustrate their proficiency in information management
  • You will be able to apply data science ideas and procedures to crack critical problems in practical contexts and will connect these results successfully

Target Audience:

This course is specifically envisioned for business analysts, managers, database experts, and many more who are involved in predicting and trends supervision. Knowledge of programming and experience in statistics is good, but not mandatory.


So, get Data science classes in Abu Dhabi and enjoy these advantages! There are many institutes who are offering Data science coaching in Abu Dhabi but we are the best among them as we have boarded industry experts who can give quality training to the students. Many of our students who got trained with us are now professionals working very comfortably and getting paid high. Reach us today and we shall take care of the rest. Call now: +97 1545069695.