Excel Accounting Training:

Do you have the job of handling the financial records of your organization? This position comes with a heavy responsibility.  It involves maintenance of precise records and production of financial statements like balance sheets and payment reports, which are vital to stakeholders in the process of decision-making. Our course aims to develop the necessary skills for a successful career in accounting and, therefore, is dependent on your prior basic knowledge in this field as well as MS Excel.  The course is also suitable for those who wish to learn how to manage their  personal or small businesses’ finances. So, if you are looking for Excel Accounting training in Abu Dhabi, UAE then here we are. Al Manal Training Center is offering the finest training on this course and our experts will help you get maximum benefits of learning this course.

Excel Accounting training in Abu Dhabi

Course Outline:

Our Excel Accounting Classes in Abu Dhabi includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to accounting
  • Creating a Template
  • Setting Data Validation
  • Specify Input Message
  • VLookup Function
  • Advanced Filter
  • List Feature Toolbar
  • Database Functions
  • Data Consolidation by Category
  • Creating links from a consolidation
  • Displaying a Scenario
  • Mastering ways to move beyond VLookup limitations
  • Merging an Accounting Scenario
  • Tracing cell precedents
  • Removing tracer arrows
  • Customize a Pivot Table
  • Record a Macro
  • Run a Macro from a Button
  • Updating a Pivot Table
  • Comprehending how external information sources can be leveraged to feed a PivotTable
  • Filtering Data by creating page fields
  • Building cross-tab style reports
  • Creating a Chart from the Pivot Table
  • Grouping items with Numeric labels into Ranges
  • Displaying subtotals for multiples Fields in Row or Column

Objectives of our Excel Accounting training in Abu Dhabi:

Here are some key objectives of our training:

  • Entering numbers and formulas in Excel
  • Clean configuring
  • Create financial accounts
  • Vlookup & hlookup
  • Set Information authentication and stipulate an accounting fault alert
  • Build Set-up and assess accounting worksheet
  • Learning Fundamental functions like min, max, sum, average
  • Understand how to use Advanced functions such as IF, sumifs, countifs, vlookup
  • Information analysis
  • Build Pivot Table and modify it

What you will learn:

  • You will understand the fundamentals of excel.
  • You now know how to input numbers, formulas, and various functions of Excel
  • Debiting and crediting entries in Excel
  • Stationing to the common ledger
  • Tasks that will assist you explore your information even more
  • You will easily understand Vlookup, hlookup, index & match functions
  • You will be capable enough to build dynamic requests
  • Know how to build incorporated monetary accounts
  • Understand how to build debit calendars and schedules
  • Estimating revenues
  • You can easily build pivot tables
  • Flash fill functions
  • You will be capable enough to build expert data tables

So, are you in search of Excel Accounting training institute in Abu Dhabi? Then, get to us today! We are the best Excel Accounting course in Abu Dhabi now and can help you get your dream job easily. Also, we are offering our training at a very reasonable price too when compared to our competitors. So, to contact us, give us a call on: 00971545069695.