Financial Accounting Training:

Financial Accounting is convenient, user-friendly software for performing and recording transactions. If you are interested in running a business, this software will prove to be a very useful tool in the process of monitoring your company’s current status. Our course will take you, step by step, from a beginner to an advanced skill level to fit the purposes of  your venture. Al Manal Training Center is offering Financial Accounting training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for individuals who are greatly interested in this course. Our professional expertise will help you master the course in no time and help you achieve what you are looking for.

Financial Accounting training in Abu Dhabi

Course Outline:

Our Financial Accounting Classes in Abu Dhabi consists of the following topics:

  • Overview of Accounting
  • Accounting Basics, Concepts & Conventions
  • Rules of Debit & Credit
  • Recording transactions
  • Balancing the accounts
  • Preparing Adjusted Trial Balance
  • Posting to ledger
  • Passing the closing or transfer entries
  • Limitations of ratio analysis
  • What actually is Bank Reconciliation?
  • Reasons for reconciling the books.
  • Types of petty cash book
  • Control over petty cash
  • Inventory valuation methods
  • Accounting for inventory
  • The methods of depreciation
  • Accounting for depreciation
  • The basic concepts of depreciation
  • The methods of depreciation
  • Accounting for depreciation

These are some of the course topics of our Financial Accounting training, and more topics will be discussed once you join our training course.

The Course Aims at Developing knowledge of:

  • The accounting framework and procedure
  • The procedure of settlement
  • bookkeeping & accountancy
  • monetary accounts analysis
  • devaluation accounting
  •  stock bookkeeping
  • merging cash & bank balances

Learning Outcomes of our Financial Accounting training in Abu Dhabi:

On finishing our course, candidates are capable enough to:

  • Read and understand Australian Accounting Principles
  • Recognize and put on values and guidelines concerned to financial accounting and the planning of monetary statements
  • Put on the procedures of acknowledgment, measurement, and revelation of accounting data in the planning of common purpose monetary statements
  • Judgementally examine and understand case evidence and capable to create a considerable argument to display their opinions on pertinent accounting problems
  • Work independently or in a crowd to resolve difficulties and converse comprehending of problems concerned to the planning of monetary statements.


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