Google SketchUp Training:

Google SketchUp is one of the finest ways to show data about available caves. From displaying the cave position on Google Earth to showing a full 3D model with drawings, pictures, notes, etc. and everything we want to show. The model can be turned in whatever the direction you like in real-time and the backdrop can be positioned right over the cave. Are you looking for Google SketchUp training? Al Manal Training Center is offering Google SketchUp Training in Abu Dhabi for individuals who are greatly interested to learn this course and want to have a career in this field.

Course Outline:

Some of the topics that are covered under our Google SketchUp training institute in Abu Dhabi include:

  • Interface basics
  • Walking around
  • Creating camera views
  • Shading faces and edges
  • Creating shadows and fog
  • Selecting and moving objects
  • Scaling and rotating objects
  • Manipulating faces and edges
  • Advanced selection tools
  • Line tool basics
  • Using the Line tool for 3D drawing
  • Creating circles and polygons
  • Pushing & pulling faces into 3D
  • Using the Offset tool to create outlines
  • Using the Follow Me tool
  • Softening round edges
  • Using construction tools to create guides
  • Grouping objects
  • Creating components
  • Working with layers
  • Using the Outliner
  • Modelling in Photo Match
  • Locking and unlocking objects
  • Editing materials
  • Creating materials
  • Mapping images
  • Applying bitmap images
  • Mapping curved objects
  • Lights, Shadows, Sun & Sky, Fog
  • Reflections & Refractions

The need of our Google SketchUp training course is to make candidates to utilize SketchUp for model construction to surface the concepts and display their concepts within the time. Also, utilize v-ray for SketchUp to develop renderings with appropriate lighting and understand how to leverage SketchUp layouts to develop presentation which comprise of sections and renders in a systemized manner.

Advantages of learning our Google SketchUp training in Abu Dhabi:

Learning Google SketchUp course, will help you get enormous benefits such as:

  • It’s simple to sketch your plan as it’s intended to work like an addition of your hand
  • Regulate to the realistic sketches you will build quick. This is for the reason that SketchUp is an instinctive, influential and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool
  • SketchUp permits oneself to concentrate surfaces in a collection of “flairs”. Choose from a diversity of architecture that perfectly uniforms your plan and satisfies your client
  • SketchUp helps make it simple to incorporate with software that supplies supplementary abilities. It also ropes 3rd party “plug-in” programs
  • With SketchUp, you will be able to position your model inside “Google Earth” – accurately on the actual site


If you are looking for a Google SketchUp training centre, then we have found the right one certainly. We are the best Google SketchUp training center in Abu Dhabi at present and are looking forward to improve ourselves even better and move swiftly and stay ahead of our competitors. We at present have quality working professionals who are very much fervent and dedicated to offer the best training to individuals and make their dreams come true. So, if you are interested to join our course, call us now: 00971545069695