HR professionals have the exciting role of  developing employees professional skills and bringing about collaboration so that not only  individuals but also teams, as a whole,  can operate with maximum efficiency. If you are a HR Resource Manager, a business owner or an Occupational Health & Safety staff, striving to be the best at what you do, this is the right course for you. So, get HR Management training in Abu Dhabi, UAE at Al Manal Training Center and improve your HR skills even more. We have got the finest trainers at our HR Management training center. Get to us today!

HR Management training in Abu Dhabi

The course features the following main topics:

S.No Topics Session # Credit Hours
1 HRM Definition & Concept Session 1
2 Processes in Human Resource Management Session 1
3 What is Human Resource Planning Session 1
4 The HRM Function and its Role in Organizational Processes Session 1 3 Hours
5 Strategic Workforce Planning Session 1
6 Hiring Strategies followed by Organizations Session 1
7 Importance of Background Checks while Hiring New Employees. Session 1
8 How HR Managers can make the onboarding process more Session 1
pleasant and effective
9 Performance Management as a HR Management Concept Session 2
10 Managing Employee Performance Session 2
11 Performance Appraisal Process Session 2 3 Hours
12 Performance Appraisal Interview Session 2
13 Employee Rewards & Recognition Session 2
14 Variable Pay and Performance Linked Incentives Session 2
15 Strategic Human Resource Management – A Tool to Achieve Session 3
organizational Goals
16 Difference Between a People Manager and a Project Manager Session 3
17 Managing Employee Relations Session 3
18 Retention Strategies – Definition and its Components Session 3 3 Hours
19 Managing Downsizing in Organizations Session 3
20 Pay Cuts Vs Lay Offs Session 3
21 Employee Separation Process Session 3
22 Why HR Managers must treat the exit interviews as feedback Session 4
and learning experience
23 Managing Attrition in Organizations Session 4 3 Hours
24 Role and Importance of Human Resource Managers in Session 4
Recessionary Times
25 Importance of HR Polices & Procedures Manual and Employee Session 4
26 Workplace Health & Safety Session 5 2 Hours
27 Human Resource Audit Session 5
28 UAE Labor Law Session 5 & 6 4 Hours
29 HR Calculations Session 7 & 8 6 Hours


Objectives of our HR Management training in Abu Dhabi:

Some of the key objectives of our Human Resource Management courses in Abu Dhabi:

  • Broader Understanding of HR Concepts.
  • Understanding of Key HR Process and its importance.
  • How to create effective HR policy and procedures.
  • Importance of HR Audit
  • Understanding of the UAE labor law
  • Various HR calculations. (Payroll, EOS, etc.)

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