ICDL Training:

ICDL is a familiar certificate foe people who utilize computer at work or at home. Candidates who are having an ICDL certification can show to employers that he is highly proficient in fundamental and significant IT skills. Candidates who are well-versed with this training can perform jobs in various IT fields. Al Manal Training Center is offering ICDL training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for candidates who are very much looking into jobs of their skill. We have qualified trainers who can give you the right kind of training to set your career easily.

To get this course certification, you must gather as much knowledge as possible in all the modules related to this course and also pass a theoretical test on the fundamental concepts of IT and also 6 practical tests on normal computer applications. ICDL test is set to some prodigious standard and match with the needs of several nations.

Course Curriculum:

Here are the topics covered under our ICDL training course in Abu Dhabi:

  • Computers and Devices
  • File Management
  • Retrieving Data
  • Security and Well-Being
  • Formatting
  • Formulate Outputs
  • Utilizing Emails
  • Word Processing
  • Formulate Outputs
  • Creating a Presentation
  • Graphical Objects
  • Tables
  • Networks
  • Understanding Databases
  • Handling Worksheets
  • Web Browsing Ideas
  • Communication Concepts

How ICDL helps in growing your business?

  • Leverage ICDL ICT skills software to display your customers precisely how you can enhance their efficiency
  • Comprise a globally renowned certification component to your present office IT abilities training courses
  • Give your customers permission to our refined testing system, that assesses genuine tasks finished on actual office software
  • Be robotically encompassed in main projects requiring the transfer of ICDL certification to governments and international associations

Outcomes of our ICDL training in Abu Dhabi:

Many companies, institutions, and trainers want people to enhance their skills in ICDL training and prove competent enough to get a professional job. There are many merits once you complete ICDL Classes in Abu Dhabi at our institute and we also give training looking from that perspective. Some of the outcomes of our training are:

  • Enhancing ones involvement in today’s worldwide digital culture
  • You will be able to achieve a good working skill on computers
  • One can enhance their self-confidence in leveraging computer
  • The candidate will be able to enhance their value at the workstation by owning a treasured certificate
  • You can obtain a range of fundamental computer techniques on which to build your computer knowledge
  • You can also enhance job scenarios and job flexibility


Our ICDL training institute in Abu Dhabi is one of the finest you will ever see and get trained at because we are offering the finest training services to students at very affordable prices than our competitors in the industry. Also, we are the best ICDL training center in Abu Dhabi since we have qualified professional who have tons of expertise under their belts in the teaching profession and can offer training to suit your individual needs and make your dreams come true. So, if you are interested to pursue our ICDL Training in Abu Dhabi, call us on: 00971545069695.