IELTS Test Preparation Training in Abu Dhabi

IELTS is an exam which evaluates an individual’s skill in English. It’s supposed to be a tough test to crack if you do not give the right attention. But not if you get quality IELTS training from the top training institutes like Al Manal Training Center. We are offering IELTS Preparation Training in Abu Dhabi for candidates who are very much eager to crack the exam in the very first attempt. Cracking IELTS seems tough if you do not understand each section clearly. So, at our training institute, we not only give an insight into the exam but also offer guidance on how to answer each section without much hassle. With frequent sample tests, our trainers will help you get expertise in the exam easily.

IELTS Preparation Training in Abu Dhabi

IELTS test components:

IELTS has 4 sections which are:


This section constitutes 40 questions and approximate time of answering all the questions is 30 minutes. Candidates will have to answer questions of various types like multiple choice, form completion, short answer questions, summary completion, etc.


Total time to complete this section is 60 minutes. This section has 2 tasks. Candidates are presented with charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. In the first task you need to elaborate the information in a short essay of 150 words. In the second task, candidates must write an essay in response to an argument in 250 words.


The total time to complete this section is 60 minutes and candidates have 40 questions to answer. There will be 3 sections. Every section has one long text. So, in total there are 3 texts with 40 questions. Texts range can be descriptive, truthful to lengthy and logical. You may also find graphs and illustrations.


The speaking test is recorded. This section has 3 parts. The first part is giving an overview about you and then an interview for 4-5 minutes. Part 2 has 3-4 minutes run. Candidates will be given a topic which they need to speak as part of the task. Part 3 will be a 45 minutes discussion. The examiner asks queries related to part 2, so it’s a continuation basically of the same topic.

Benefits of joining our training institute for IELTS Coaching in Abu Dhabi:

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