Logistics Supply Chain Training in Abu Dhabi:

Logistics & Supply Chain is an area of business operation which has seen a significant growth in recent years. This is due to the development of new and more effective supply means as well as management tools. Consequently,   Logistics & Supply Chain is viewed as a promising career option and is increasing attracting the attention of retailers, wholesalers, transport and packaging companies and educational institutes alike. This course will be beneficial to you if you are working in related fields, for example, as a project manager, stock planner, operations director and others. Al Manal Training Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE is giving excellent coaching on Logistics Supply Chain training in Abu Dhabi at present. With the best personnel in place, we are no doubt going to lead the market and help our students come out with flying colors.

Logistics Supply Chain Training in Abu Dhabi

The course features the following main topics:

  • Production Management
  • Ideas in Supply Chain Management
  • Tactical Supply Chain Management
  • Job Management
  • First-rate Manufacturing
  • E-Business
  • Permissible Features of Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics & Delivery Management
  • Substantial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Manufacturing Procedures
  • Resources and supply management

Learning Objectives:

Our Logistics & Supply Chain Manager Classes in Abu Dhabi have the following learning objectives, which are very clear and are a must to understand the complete course:

  • Capability to address key concerns in a holistic way by considering common management ideas, scientific and financial aspects
  • Ability to examine, converse situations to recognize concerns and assess their complexity
  • Capability to handpick and put on precise procedures and techniques to plan a solution for key problems
  • Gain the skill to gauge various choices and pick the solution which is to be applied
  • Capacity to intricate solid advices to persuade and inspire decision makers.

Outcomes of our Logistics & Supply Chain Manager training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Candidates will be able to relate to the ideas of logistics and supply chain management
  • You can comprehend the values of procurement and subcontracting
  • Candidates will gain the ability to put on the values of inventory management
  • You will be able to leverage the core ideas of Warehousing to enhance their warehousing processes
  • Communicate to marketing and corporal delivery ideas
  • Candidates will get the capability to put on packaging and supply supervision ideas to logistics operations
  • Identify the needs for shipping and global logistics

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