Nowadays, there are literally several programs that will assist in making your tasks very easier than before. An example of this kind is Microsoft Excel. It’s a computer program that will make any operation in excel look very simpler than ever. MS Excel is an outstanding database that can assist in managing data and improve work productivity. Take MS Excel training in Abu Dhabi at Al Manal Training Center LLC. We are one of the finest providers of training in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With our tremendous expertise in this field, we can help students achieve their dreams effortlessly.

Excel spreadsheets are neatly organized and will make work simpler in several ways. Learning MS Excel training will permit you to make difficult calculations easily and they look very simpler, the results will be precise and they come out very quickly when right formulas are used. Our Excel training institute in Abu Dhabi is gaining preference among many students slowly because of the amazing training we offer to our students. So, get ready to catch up the masterful training from the experts at our institute.

Course Outline:

  • Overview of Excel
  • Finding and using commands
  • Creating a workbook
  • Using the Formula Bar
  • AutoSum and other basic functions
  • Automatic calculation
  • Using drag-and-drop
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Grouping worksheets
  • Creating 3-D formulas
  • Previewing and printing
  • Printing gridlines
  • Conditional formatting
  • Add additional commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Add WordArt to a Worksheet
  • Customize a Workbook Using Tab Colors and Themes
  • Math Operators and the Order of Operations
  • Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Cell References
  • Re-defining and deleting range names
  • Working with Date series

These topics will assure that you get an in-depth understanding what excel is and you are ready to perform any activity on it easily.

Learning objectives of MS Excel training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Format data and cells
  • Enter and alter data
  • Utilize the Excel online assistance feature
  • Build formulas, counting the utilization of built-in functions
  • Preview and print worksheets
  • To acquaint with Excel’s fundamental features
  • Differentiation between Excel worksheet and workbook
  • Build and alter charts
  • To build formulas to streamline calculations
  • To identify the presence and significance of Excel’s Office Assistant
  • To feel contented inserting and removing latest rows and columns
  • To utilize Print Preview to inspect spreadsheets before printing

Outcomes of our MS excel training:

  • Identify the different components of the Excel worksheet
  • Open an existing workbook and create a new workbook
  • Create a spreadsheet to tabulate and record numeric values
  • Use the print function to create a printable copy of data stored on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Differentiate between formulas and functions in Excel
  • Create simple & complex macros in Excel
  • Access and manipulate data using the database functions of Excel
  • These are some of the best outcomes after completing our Excel Classes in Abu Dhabi.


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