Every individual who knows how to use computer will know what is MS office and its products. But, only few people will make effective use of it and they are the professionals of this software. Learning this software will enhance your skill and improve work productivity and you can sustain in your career easily. Al Manal Training Center is offering MS Office training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for students who are very much interested and want to learn this course to the core level.

Successfully learning this course will prolong your career and you can be on top of your colleagues at your workplace. You will also be capable enough to complete tasks quickly than others. Your assistance will be of great help to companies and they will grow in a positive direction. If you are located in Abu Dhabi and looking for a best institute to undertake MS Office training, then we are the right institute.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Windows 7
  • The basics of Microsoft Word
  • Advanced levels of MS Word
  • Understanding Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Advanced Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals
  • Intermediate and Advanced PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook All Levels
  • Microsoft Access All Levels
  • Sharepoint for Businesses

These are the topics that you we will cover in our MS Office Classes in Abu Dhabi.

What you learn in our MS Office training in Abu Dhabi?

  • How to utilize MS Word for desktop publishing
  • How to build imposing tables leveraging new formatting tools
  • How to answer equations utilizing Word
  • Usage of templates
  • Utilizing formulas and functions for accounting, and totalling
  • Build charts and diagrams for your information
  • Share and guard both workbooks and worksheets
  • Append extraordinary effects to slide moves to enhance the PowerPoint presentation
  • Create slideshows and prepare slide timings
  • Spot emails which require special attention and let MS Outlook prompt you
  • Sort and establish your emails utilizing folders
  • Progressive formatting methods to build HTML newsletters in the body of an email
  • Utilize the calendar to fix appointments, conventions, and actions

Learning Outcomes:

  • After learning our MS Office courses in Abu Dhabi, students will be able to demonstrate their skill of working with documents, traversing, altering text, and formatting text in Microsoft Word
  • You will be able to use MS Word for desktop publication and altering huge documents
  • Demonstrate your skill working with graphics, tables, etc.
  • You will be able to prove your knowledge on securing documents, comparing, and merging.
  • Easily work on printing worksheets and workbooks by leveraging templates in Excel
  • You will be capable of adding transitions, sound, and animation to PPT presentations
  • Your knowledge on utilizing the master slides in PowerPoint
  • Demonstrate utilization of contacts and address books in Outlook
  • Easily organizing emails and working on them effortlessly.

These will be few of the fantastic outcomes of getting trained at our MS Office training institute in Abu Dhabi.


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