Most of the people presume that MS Outlook is completely about the email. But, besides being an email component, it does many things truly. Getting the exact training on Outlook will make sure you cover every angle of this MS Office Suite. Al Manal Training Center is offering MS Outlook training in Abu Dhabi, UAE at present for candidates who are highly interested in this course. Outlook is one of the Microsoft Office applications that comprise of word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.

It’s tough to say how many companies use MS Outlook in the world but it would be in billions. Be one among those who have expertise in this course and work easily at your workplace and increase productivity. It is by far the easiest applications when compared with other MS Office suite applications. A fantastic Microsoft Office Outlook training will help you become highly skillful and understand the complete application with ease.

Course Outline:

  • Creating a Task
  • Answering to the Task Request
  • Working with Notes
  • Build Signatures and Themes
  • Format Leaving Messages
  • Build and Apply a Theme
  • Build Search Folders
  • Filter Messages
  • Build a Quick Stage to implement several actions to emails
  • Append security to leaving emails
  • Direct Emails from Various Accounts
  • The Clutter Characteristic
  • Utilize Enhanced Searching
  • Groups in Outlook
  • Comprehend dissimilarities between POP and IMAP email programs

These are some of the topics covered under our MS Outlook Classes in Abu Dhabi.

Objectives of our MS Outlook training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Recognize the fundamentals elements of MS Outlook
  • Move through the Outlook environment and recognize the various panes in the MS Outlook window
  • Differentiate how Outlook is utilized as a stand-alone program and also in Microsoft Exchange environment
  • Differentiate between the various kinds of email accounts and set up an email account
  • Utilize Outlook to build, send, and get emails
  • Utilize attachments in email
  • Differentiate email arrangements and icons
  • Demonstrate the significance and procedure to clean up the Inbox

These are some of the core objectives of our MS Outlook training.

Benefits of our training:

  • After getting trained on our MS Outlook courses in Abu Dhabi, the student will have a great practical knowledge of Outlook fundamentals.
  • Students will feel highly confident while utilizing the MS Outlook and know how to manage and converse by leveraging MS Outlook.
  • Candidates will setup meetings across network, delegate with someone, manage to-do lists, etc.
  • You can simplify the communication, improve planning, and permit access to data you require and many more.

These are some of the amazing benefits that you would get with our training.


With MS Outlook, you can simplify the work procedures and it will also assist you in saving not just your time but also help you utilize the tools that assist in managing the time. So, if you are based out in Abu Dhabi and eagerly want to learn Outlook, then we are the best MS Outlook training institute in Abu Dhabi. Call us +971545069695 Get to us today and we shall tune you into an individual who can work better and progress swiftly in their career.