For years, business conferences, seminars, and meetings were very successfully because the right message was passed and was clearly said because of PowerPoint presentations. Even now, there are numerous companies who make use of PPT presentations as part of their meetings. So, getting familiar with PowerPoint will help you make a better presenter and also enhance your skills at the same time. We, Al Manal Training Center in are experts in offering MS PowerPoint training in Abu Dhabi, UAE. If your job demands presentation kind of activities, then learning PPT will enhance your career definitely.

There are many PPT templates and slideshows with effects, using which you can deliver a wonderful presentation with ease. If you are based out in Abu Dhabi, we are providing quality MS PowerPoint classes in Abu Dhabi now. So, get ready to join us and shape your career effectively. Each of our experts is also highly skilled and have decades of experience in their respective fields. They will offer personalized training to satisfy every need of you and make your future blossom.

Course Outline:

  • User Interface of PowerPoint
  • Working with PPT effects, text, and images
  • Tailoring a theme in PPT Slide
  • Conversions and slide sorter
  • Filling current text region
  • Designing text with WordArt
  • Building routine slide layouts
  • Changing data into SmartArt
  • Connecting and entrenching external data
  • Producing charts in PPT
  • Appending visual effect with animations
  • Appending routine activities to slide objects
  • Media density and compatibility
  • Delivering effective PPT presentations
  • Controlling presentation with keyboard
  • Building tailored slideshows
  • Concentrating on viewers with the Pen tools
  • Recording description and pointer actions
  • Leveraging the laser stick and highlighter
  • Inserting slideshow in a webpage

These are some of the topics covered in our MS PowerPoint training in Abu Dhabi. More topics will be discussed once you join our training sessions.

Objectives of our PowerPoint training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Recognize the fundamental characteristics and functions of PowerPoint
  • Build a PPT presentation
  • Altering the PPT environment
  • Achieve advanced text alteration operations
  • Append graphical components to your PPT
  • Work with media and animations
  • Work together on a presentation
  • Modify a slide show
  • Append SmartArt and mathematical equations to the PPT
  • Modify design templates as per the requirements.
  • Protect and dispense a presentation

Outcomes of our MS PowerPoint Course Training:

Below are few outcomes of learning our PowerPoint course:

  • Students will be able to work with the fundamental features of PowerPoint
  • They will be able to create and work on a new presentation
  • Understand how to insert data into a slide and add basic formatting
  • Students will be able to enhance their PPT introductions with video, picture, and movements
  • Work with the several slide designs
  • Build and work with SmartArt graphics
  • Utilize extensive printing techniques
  • Understand how to utilize help
  • Build fabulous presentations
  • Know how to leverage shapes, effects, etc. according to the needs to present a delightful presentation


So, if you are looking for MS PowerPoint courses in Abu Dhabi, then get to us. We offer the best PowerPoint training in Abu Dhabi at present and will continue to be. We have received very positive feedback from everyone. Students love our training because it’s according to industry standards and also as per what organizations actually require in their employees daily work activities. If you are interested, reach us 00971545069695 today and our experts will take care of the rest.