MS Word Training:

Since many years, MS word has put itself in a top position and is used by people across the world. Learning MS word will help you become a master in your work and enhance you productivity. Al Manal Training Center is the best institute for MS word training in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Many students reach us for the quality of training we offer to them. Each of our experts is highly skilled and can teach students in a way that help them learn things very easily. From basics to intermediate and advanced levels, we help you get a complete grip on MS word training.

Course curriculum:

  • Creating a basic document
  • Configuring Paragraphs
  • Monitoring Page Appearance
  • Document Proofing
  • Arranging Documents to Print
  • Evaluate Tracked Modifications
  • Checking Spelling and Grammar
  • Append a Digital Sign to a Document
  • Incorporate Pictures and Copy
  • Unite Alterations from Other Documents
  • Append Cross-References
  • Object Zoom Feature
  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Mechanize Tasks Using Macros
  • Utilizing Tabs
  • Injecting Graphic Objects
  • Build Difficult Pictures with SmartArt
  • Applying and Building Tailor-made Styles
  • Limit Document Access
  • Utilize Forms to Manage Content
  • Add Citations and an Index
  • Modify the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Setting Margins
  • Build a Macro
  • Build Text Boxes and Pull Quotes

These are some of the topics covered under our MS word training course in Abu Dhabi. More topics will be known once you join our training sessions.

Objectives of our training:

Here are some of the course objectives:

  • Designate the names and tasks of the Word interface elements
  • Build, alter, save, and print documents
  • The student will be able to format data and to utilize the styles
  • Addition of a footnote to the document
  • You should be able to append a header and the footer to the document
  • Candidates should be capable of attaching a graphic to the document
  • You should be good at usage of Spelling and Grammar Checker in addition to Microsoft Help
  • Operate documents utilizing functions like find and replace, cut, copy, etc.

Learning Outcomes of MS word training in Abu Dhabi:

After completion of our MS word Classes in Abu Dhabi, the students will easily be able to:

  • Inspect word processing ideas and discover the MS Word environment
  • Create a new document
  • You should be able to open, save, and print documents
  • Alter and format data
  • Modify the page design, borders, and background
  • Add headers and footers
  • Insert and alter tables
  • Add pictures and clip art to the documents
  • Execute the mail merge
  • Share documents and evaluate the document files


So, looking at all the fantastic outcomes that you will be learning, do you feel like taking up training at our word training institute in Abu Dhabi? If yes, our doors are open for you. Learning MS word will help you compete better and grow your career in a positive direction. Once you join companies, you can work swiftly and showcase your skills effectively to the management. So, join the best MS word training center in Abu Dhabi now and pave your way for a bright future ahead. Call us 00971545069695.