Python programming language Training:

Python is an interactive, object-oriented programming language. Its key advantages are being flexible, open- source and easy to master as well as having   powerful libraries for information management and analysis.  Al Manal Training Center is offering Python programming language training in Abu Dhabi for interested candidates who want to learn this course.

Our course is delivered by experienced instructors with a proven track record of helping professionals to advance in their careers.

python programming language training in abu dhabi

Course Outline:

Below are few topics that will be taught in our Python programming language Classes in Abu Dhabi. More will be discussed once you join our training sessions.

  • Introduction to Python
  • Datatypes
  • Lists, Ranges & Tuples
  • Dictionaries & Sets
  • Control flow statements
  • Loops in Python
  • Functions & Modules
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Using databases in Python

Objectives of Python programming language training in Abu Dhabi:

These are some of the objectives of our Python programming language training:

  • Understand why Python is a valuable scripting language
  • Know the designing and programming of Python applications
  • To learn the utilization of lists, and dictionaries in Python programs
  • Understanding how to recognize Python object types
  • Knowing the utilization of indexing and carving to access information in Python programs
  • To describe Python program structure and constituents
  • Learning how to write loops, functions, pass arguments, and resolution statements in Python
  • Knowing how to create and package Python modules for reuse
  • Understanding reading and writing of files in Python language
  • To learn error handling using exception handling

You will gain a practical understanding of:

  • Python’s supple function procedures
  • Python’s memory model
  • Python’s straight-forward object-oriented characteristics
  • Python’s list conceptions, decorators, generators, perspective managers
  • Python’s arrangement for building and utilizing collections and packages


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