FI (Financials) is very important module as compared to other modules because each and every transaction should be captured in FI. For an implementation to occur in SAP, FI is the primary/mandatory module which needs to be implemented. In simple words, without FI there is no use of implementing other module because this particular module helps in preparing the financial statements (Trail balance, profit and loss and balance sheet) and exhibits the same to stake holders, government or tax authorities etc.

CO (Controlling) helps the management in decision making. The values for CO will flow from other modules like FI, CO, SD, MM etc.

SAP FICO Course Content

Financials (FI)

1. General ledger

  • Basic settings
  • Park document
  • Hold document
  • Reversal and its types
  • Foreign currency postings
  • Foreign currency revaluation

2. Accounts payable

  • Vendor invoice
  • Down payment
  • Payment terms
  • House bank
  • Check – creation, display and cancel
  • Vendor payments – manual and automatic (APP)
  • Sales tax

3. Accounts receivable

  • Customer invoice
  • Dunning

4. Asset Accounting

  • Asset accounting settings
  • Asset purchases
  • Asset sales
  • Asset transfer
  • Depreciation
  • Misc scenarios – unplanned depreciation, subsequent revenue and Expenses

5. New GL

  • Parallel Ledgers
  • Document splitting

6. Integration

  • FI-MM
  • FI-SD

7. Additional topics

  • Validations and Substitutions
  • Profit center accounting

8. Controlling (CO)

  • General settings
  • Cost element accounting
  • Cost center accounting
  • Internal Order

Duration of the SAP FICO Course:

Regular course – 50 hours

Crash course – 30 hours

Along with this course, Certification related topics will also be covered.

About SAP FICO Trainer

The trainer is certified in both FI and CO modules and has 8+ years of experience in SAP FICO. He is currently working as FICO team lead in a reputed company. He has participated in multiple implementations, roll-outs and upgrade projects. Has good exposure in integration’s and participated in various business workshops for requirement gathering. Has trained huge number of students till now by providing the real-time scenarios.