SAP MM is a vast area which is integrated with almost all the modules and considered as the heart of all modules since the master data is mostly integrated with the other modules & the process dependency is also there. SAP MM Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE from Al Manal Training Center.

SAP MM Course Content:

Unit 1 Overview of SAP MM

• MM-PUR: Purchasing
• MM-IM: Inventory management
MM-IV: Invoice verification

Unit 2: Configurations of organizational units / Enterprise Structure

• Creation
o Company code
o Plant
o Storage location
o Purchase org
o Purchase group.
• Assignments:
o Plants to company code.
o Storage location to plants.
o Different assignment of purchase org based on business scenarios.

Unit 3: Master Data’s

Vendor Master data:
o Define Account Group and Field Selection (vendor)
o Define Number Ranges for Vendor Master Records
o Vendor Master Creation, changes and display.
o Display of the Vendor List maintained in the enterprise..
o Reconciliation Accounts for Vendor Master Record.

Unit 4: Materials Master data

o Define attributes of Material Types.
o Initialization of company codes for Material management
o Define Number Ranges for each Material Type.
o Material Master Creation, changes and display
o Display of Material List
o Flagging for Deletion of materials at various levels.
o Definition of Cross plant blocking status
o Define material group.
o Define Purchasing value keys.

Unit 5: Purchasing info record

o Structure
o Creation of different info type categories based on business requirement
o Maintenance of conditions in the info records.
o Display of List of Info records.

Unit 6: Source list

o Structure
o Creation/change.
o Blocking and fixed vendor functionalities in source list.

Unit 7: Service Master

o Elements
o Master Data and Creation of service activity numbers, changing and display.

Unit 8: Inventory Valuation

• Valuation area.
• Valuation methods:
o Moving average price
o Standard price
o Business scenarios
o Process steps

Unit 9: Different types of procurement

• Request for quotation
o Business Scenario
o Process steps
• Quotation:
o Business Scenario
o Process steps
• Outline agreements:
o Contract Agreements
o Scheduling Agreements
• Stock material procurement:
o Business Scenario
o Process steps Configuration steps
• Consignment procurement:
o Business Scenario
o Process steps
o Configuration steps
• Subcontracting procurement:
o Process steps
o Configuration steps
• Stock transfers
o Stock transfer Plant to Plant (1 step & 2 step process)
o Stock transfer orders

Unit 10: Consumption-based planning

o Process steps
o Configuration steps

Unit 11: Inventory management processes

• Movement types.
• Stock types.
• Inbound and outbound processes:
o Creation of GR
o Cancellation of GR
o GR for Stock Types
o GR for Partial Delivery
o GR w/o PO
o Goods Issue – GI
o Creation of GI
• Physical inventory process:
o Process steps.

Unit 12: Invoice verification

o Process steps
o Configuration steps

Unit 13: Other key Configurations

• Document types:
o Business Scenario
o Configuration steps
o Process steps
• Pricing procedure:
o Understanding and configuration of pricing conditions.
• Automatic account determination.
o Understanding and configuration.
• Release strategy:
o Business Scenario.
o Basic Concepts of release strategy.
o Process steps with and without classification.
• Useful MM Reports
• Tables in SAP MM
• Different IDocs involved in MM
• Monitoring and Scheduling of the Batch jobs.
• How to perform table level changes

About SAP MM Trainer:

The trainer is working as a Project Lead with a total of 8+ years of rich experience. Has worked for a series of clients covering Automobile, Oil and Gas, Health and Life Sciences Industries. Acquainted to the full fledge Application Maintenance/Application Development projects. His major attribute is to simplify the complex learning so as to deliver the subject in the easiest way.

Extensive industrial experience helps him in giving real time scenarios as examples which would make topics easily understandable & can be engraved for a longer time.

SAP MM Training Duration of the course is 30 hours.