Spoken Arabic Training in Abu Dhabi:

Arabic is one of the most learnt languages and it can be accomplished within a few months of hard work. The experience is quite inspiring, rewarding, and amazing at the same time. Al Manal Training Center is offering the best Spoken Arabic Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE at present. We are the leading institutes who can help candidates to learn this course. Our expert professionals are always on the verge of guiding students to improve and make themselves better with our training. Our experts have tons of expertise in their respective fields and are always keen to proceed further and help students learn this course effortlessly.

We have enough tips and techniques in our court which will be said to the students and leveraging them, the students can understand the Arabic language and speak effortlessly. If you know only English and not any other language except your mother tongue, then it may seem tough to you but not at our Arabic Language Classes in Abu Dhabi. Get to us, to learn the course within the said time and enjoy speaking and writing successfully.

Spoken Arabic Course in Abu Dhabi


Course Outline:

These are some of the things which you will learn in our Spoken Arabic training centre.

  • Fundamental greetings and introductions
  • Explaining things
  • Explaining features and places
  • Usage of cultural expressions
  • How to utilize a dictionary
  • Communicative role plays
  • Writing a letter or an email
  • Speaking about a vacation
  • Sentence structure
  • Using Negative statements
  • Practical drills
  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking about Jobs and occupations
  • Communicative role plays
  • Practical assignments and tasks

Basically, each chapter in the discussion in Arabic course has 30% grammar and syntax and 70% terminology. As you proceed in the discussion, slowly the grammar and syntax part will be diminished and we concentrate on enhancing the language.

Arabic Language Beginner Level:

In the beginner level of Spoken Arabic Course in Abu Dhabi, we will teach you:

  • How to understand and utilize accustomed routine expressions and fundamental Arabic phrases
  • You will have to announce yourself and also people around you
  • You should be asking and reply to queries others ask on your personal details like where do you stay, what do you do, etc.
  • Having fundamental discussions, ordering food, giving directions, etc.

 Arabic Language Intermediate Level:

In Intermediate level, you should learn:

  • How to comprehend the important points clearly and take a stand point.
  • You should be capable enough to deal about talking on topics that are on tough circumstances, etc.
  • Easily speak topics that are of personal interest
  • Make yourself know that you are good at describing your experiences and any events in Arabic

Arabic Language Advanced Level:

In the advanced level, you will be dexterous enough to speak and write the Arabic language with ease. Below are a few things:

  • You can comprehend an extensive range of longer texts, and identify implied meaning
  • You can express about you very confidently and instinctively without looking for any expressions
  • You should be capable of using the language submissively and successfully for academic and professional purposes.


So, ready to take Arabic Language Training in Abu Dhabi? You might have already understood that we have training sessions for people of all levels. So, get trained at the best spoken Arabic institute in Abu Dhabi now and enhance yourself easily. For more details, you can call us on: 00971545069695.