STAAD Pro Training:

Staad Pro is an exploration and design software app for Structural and Civil Engineers. Learning this course will help in enhancing your career swiftly. Al Manal Training Center is offering wonderful coaching on Staad Pro training in Abu Dhabi, UAE at present. It allows both students and professionals in these fields to gain a valuable advantage in their careers. Our instructors offer personalized training in small groups with the aim of helping you navigate the app efficiently in the fastest possible time.

Course Curriculum:

The topics covered in our Staad Pro training course include:

  • Introduction of Staad Pro
  • Starting Staad Pro
  • Creating New file
  • Closing a file
  • Saving & Saving As
  • Module Review
  • Salient Features
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Staad Pro Screen information
  • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
  • Idealization of Structures
  • Geometry Creation Methods
  • Using Structure Wizard
  • Drafting the Geometry using a Snap/Grid
  • Connect beams along an Axis
  • Member Property Specifications
  • Global Support Specifications
  • Fixed/Pinned/Fixed but Release/Spring Supports
  • Self-weight Loading Specifications
  • Member Load Specifications
  • Report Generation
  • Plate Results Along line
  • Animation
  • Concrete Design Terminator
  • Interactive Design
  • Beam Brief
  • Parameter Specifications
  • Code Checking Specifications
  • Member Selection Specifications
  • Modelling of circular tank, rectangular tank

These are only a few topics that will be covered under our course and more topics will be discussed once you join our training sessions.

Objectives of our Staad Pro training in Abu Dhabi:

Below are our core objectives for this course training:

  • To be able to produce 2D/3D sketches or figures of frames, beam components, truss features or any revolutions utilizing oblong or polar coordinate systems
  • To be able to complete  a 2D/3D examination grounded on advanced Matrix procedures
  • To be able to conduct a linear, p-delta study and a non-linear study with automatic load and toughness rectification
  • To be able to plan tangible rays/columns/chunks according to all main global codes

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Generate 2D/3D graphic models.
  • Achieve a precise and statistically well-organized shell component integrating plane trim and plane revolution.
  • Automate component mesh peers, component stress output counting plane stresses, flexible and primary strains at nodal and operator quantified points.
  • Plan tangible beams/columns/pieces according to all main international codes.


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