TOEFL Training in Abu Dhabi:

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an examination which is designed to assess an individual’s capability to converse effectively in English language. Many students take up TOEFL training to crack it and get ready to reach abroad for higher education. Al Manal Training Center is offering TOEFL training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for those who are extremely interested in reaching abroad. TOEFL test is highly required if you want to study abroad in an English speaking country. If a candidate is ambiguous about their skills in this language, then getting trained in TOEFL is a must. We believe that it’s a great way to boost your confidence and your career at the same time.

TOEFL Course in Abu Dhabi Outline:

As per the TOEFL syllabus in 2018, it’s mandatory for students to perform the following:

  • Read, listen and also speak to reply for a query
  • Listen and then speak in reply to a query
  • Read, listen and then write in reply to a query

Here is a brief explanation of all the 4 sections:


This section comprise of reading 3 or 4 passages from academic writings and responding to queries. Students will prepare reading passages from papers to get ready for this section. This section gives us only the reading proficiency of the student. Each passage will be of around 700 words with 12-14 questions per passage. The total duration will be around 60-80 minutes.


This section needs the student to listen to educational speeches, classroom conversations, and discussions; then responding to queries concerned to the topic. The candidates who are prepared to take the test must be very alert and active while answering this section as they will be later asked queries from the same sessions. Students can also take notes when they listen to the lectures and conversations. The duration of listening section is 60-90 minutes and questions will be around 34-51 in total.


According to the 2018 TOEFL syllabus, in this section, the candidates must express their outlook on an acquainted topic. Students have to converse on basis of the Reading and Listening jobs. This section assesses a student’s capability to understand the information. Normally, students must explain whatever he/she has read in the section. The number of tasks will be 6 and the total duration will be 20 minutes.


In this section, students will have to compose an essay responses created on the reading and listening responsibilities that is offered. The student must also have to upkeep a judgement in writing. The student must be knowledgeable so as to crack this section. There will be 2 tasks in this section. One task has a word limit of 150-225 words and another task will have 300 words. The total time for this section is 50 minutes.


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