VAT Training Course in Abu Dhabi:

Our VAT training course develops a thorough understanding of the VAT system, from the basics of VAT to administration, to the GCC’s VAT regulations and legislation. Al Manal Training Center is providing VAT training Course in Abu Dhabi, UAE for individuals who want to get acquainted with this course. Learning about VAT will help you understand many things about the tax and other important things which you must now.

The course is suitable for professionals such as staff accountants, tax consultants, senior accountants, accounting managers, controllers, chief accountants, internal auditors, IT professionals and business development managers.

VAT training course in Abu Dhabi

Course Outline:

Our VAT Classes in Abu Dhabi comprise of topics such as:

  • Overview of VAT
  • Accounting for VAT
  • What does a VAT invoice look like?
  • Accounting entries for VAT
  • VAT on expenses
  • Self-supply of goods and services
  • VAT on sales
  • Rebates offered to consumers
  • VAT entries for down-payments
  • Treatment of damaged goods
  • Sale on consignment
  • Functioning and finance leases
  • Entities offering non-vatable activities
  • Trial balance statements needed to finish a VAT return
  • Expected format of a VAT return
  • Place of supply: local versus export
  • VAT on sales charged on delivery, invoice or payment date
  • When to record and recover VAT on goods and services received
  • Local delivery
  • Imported goods and services
  • Discounts and free goods treatment
  • The party liable to pay VAT
  • Zero-rated supplies
  • Deemed supplies
  • Place of supply: local versus export

Objectives of our VAT training in Abu Dhabi:

  • Comprehend VAT ideas in detail and its appropriate guidelines in UAE
  • Comprehending of VAT account building, appending data and supervise it for filling
  • Manage all the VAT concerned difficulties for your business
  • Explain how VAT functions, mainly with reference to output tax and input tax
  • Recognize how VAT is applicable to global transactions of both goods and services.
  • How the VAT system permits making sure that imports and exports are neither privileged nor deprived over national supplies by smearing Double Tax agreement.
  • Classify the significant administrative problems that VAT necessitates.
  • Identify how to design your VAT balance.

 What are the benefits of our training?

  • You will understand the VAT registration process
  • The process of VAT designs and VAT bookkeeping
  • You can easily understand what is output and input VAT
  • You will get a complete idea on how the rates are applicable for VAT
  • Know about the exempted goods and services
  • Incomplete exclusion rules for businesses
  • VAT action of import and export
  • The profitable inferences of VAT on businesses
  • Producing and upholding VAT documentation
  • Compliance of VAT returns


To sum up, we can say that there are many VAT training institutes in Abu Dhabi but we are the best among them as we offer the best training and that too at reasonable prices. Join for the training of VAT at the best VAT training center in Abu Dhabi which is Al Manal Training Center and you will see the difference for yourself on how you will improve your skill. All you need to do is attend the classes taught by our skilled personnel regularly without fail and you will see the results coming your way very quickly, and it will help your career positively. Give us a call on: 0545069695.