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Al Manal Training Center Best Training Center in Abu Dhabi

Al Manal Training Center L.L.C

Al Manal Training  is  an educational center  dedicated  to excellence and up-to-date training . Building on our previous success in India, our new branch in Abu Dhabi, UAE. recently opened its doors. We are presently offering a  broad range of educational courses such as Microsoft, Accounting, English, Management, CAD and Engineering , and  ICT Design. Our instructors, who have a wealth of   expertise in their respective fields, are here to help  you acquire the exact skills you need.

Certified Experienced Instructors

All instructors at Al Manal Training Center are professionals with extensive academic knowledge as well as  years of teaching and practical experience. Being trained with them will enhance your career prospects both on individual and company level.


First-Rate Corporate Training

Are you ready to transform your workforce and your organisation? We are here to help you build a brighter future. As we understand the growing demands of today’s businesses, the training we provide equips you with the skills to excel in a competitive market environment.


Professional Skills Training

If you are up to learning new skills to further your studies or grow professionally at  your workplace, then we are the best choice for you. Goals such as a promotion, a university place or employment become achievable when you are training with us!



CAD & Engineering Courses

Learning CAD and Engineering courses will help your career to move in a fast pace and you are going to earn higher than many others around you. Get complete range of CAD Design Services easily through us!


Microsoft Courses

Enhance your IT skills with our extensive range of Microsoft Courses. They are designed in such a way that you will grow your skills professionally and also it will help foster your future development.


Management Courses

Become an effective leader by learning the finely crafted management courses from our institute. Each course is designed in such a way that you will master them easily and develop yourself professionally.

Designing Courses

Designing courses; Become a pro in designing by taking up our Adobe designing courses. Our expert trainers will offer hands-on experience which will help you grow into a mature individual personally and professionally.


Accounting Courses

From basics to advanced accounting tools, learn every accounting course effortlessly from the experts at our institute. Our courses are expertly designed to help you gain maximum advantages out of it.


Languages Courses

Give your career a boost by learning language courses from our skilful trainers. With our support and guidance, you will be able to easily master the courses and pursue your abroad dreams effortlessly.

Upcoming Courses

    Why Choose Us?

    Value For Money

    Our course content is carefully selected and organised. This allows you to learn step by step and acquire high-level skills by the end of the course.

    Top-Notch Training

    Our instructors are specialists in their respective fields. Their training approach is marked by high dexterity and flexibility.

    Proven Track Record

    We have an amazing training track record. Many of our trainees have now achieved success in their careers and reached top positions with high, steady income.

    Commited to Quality

    We always provide the best and up-to-date training possible. Not compromising on quality is our secret to success.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    We assure you that everyone who takes training at our institute will satisfy to the core because we put in sincere efforts and give best quality training to our students.

    Affordable Fee

    Compared to other training institutes, we offer high quality training at a very reasonable price. This balance is a major contributor the our trainees’ satisfaction prior to and during our courses

    Our Testimonials​

    Taqiuddin Ahmed

    Experienced faculty and good ambience.

    Taqiuddin Ahmed

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