BIM Training:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the latest construction and engineering technologies which is made available and is similar to many other capital enhancements to a business. BIM assists professionals in many industries to enhance the way they plan, build, and control buildings and set-up. Al Manal Training Center LLC is offering BIM training in Abu Dhabi, UAE for those who are into this field. We help you learn and get the complete knowledge with effective training procedures from specialized experts. Learn effective training from our industry experts today and shape your career successfully.

BIM training in Abu Dhabi

Course Outline:

Below are few topics that will be discussed in our BIM training course:

  • Architectural Representation
  • Computer Modelling
  • BIM Facility Management
  • Calculation
  • Information Management Documents
  • BIM Quantity Survey
  • Computer Visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Protocol and Procedures
  • The BIM Concept
  • Construction Coordination
  • Sustainable Design
  • Coordination Skills
  • BIM Elevator Model
  • Parametric Object Technology
  • Plain Language Questions
  • Documentation
  • Publish your Work!
  • The Solutions Framework – Research and Reports
  • Dynamo Studio
  • Model Validation
  • Computer-aided Manufacturing

If you are seeking to forward your career by handling BIM projects, or looking for a career development in your present organization, or looking to turn out to be more competitive in the job market, then BIM training is very much essential. Get trained at us to be the first person to understand the needs and operate Business Information Modelling easily.

Benefits of our BIM Training in Abu Dhabi:

After finishing training at our BIM training institute in Abu Dhabi, candidates will learn the following from our BIM course:

  • Work in a Joint Information Environment
  • Candidates will be able to manage the data delivery cycle
  • You will be able to comprehend sketches management and level of feature
  • Organize BIM Protocols and Principles
  • You can easily understand the basics of BIM Level 2 acquiescence
  • You can easily comprehend the important BIM principles and how to work in the direction of compliance
  • Build a company and supply chain to distribute BIM competence
  • You can easily comprehend and implement Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie)
  • Recognize the chances and problems denoted by the implementation of BIM

We guarantee that our tutorials and training material will offer candidates with all the essentials to work easily in any environment. Also, we assure you a world-class training experience that you feel for yourself.

Target Audience:

  • Engineers
  • Services engineers
  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Suppliers

Also, business-owners in various segments of construction and infrastructure businesses can join this course.


So, if you are searching for a BIM Training Centre and you are located in Abu Dhabi, then Al Manal training institute is the right choice. Right now, we are the best BIM training center in Abu Dhabi and have helped many students reach their goals in a specified time. After getting quality training from our experts, you will develop into a proper skillful individual who are ready to fast-pace your career in this competitive market. So, are you ready to join us? Then, reach our office today and our experts will take care of the rest or give us a call directly on: 00971527222815.