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The International English Language Testing System, in short IELTS is the world’s most renowned English language competency test for higher education and global immigration. This exam assesses your proficiency in the English language so that you can study or work abroad where English is the primary communication language. If you are looking for the finest center where you can get best quality IELTS Training in Abu Dhabi, then Al Manal Training Center is the ultimate choice. Those trained with us have got band 7 easily with their minimal efforts.

IELTS Training in Abu Dhabi

IELTS test format:

The IELTS test comes in 2 formats which are Academic and General Training.

IELTS Training in Abu Dhabi Format:

The academic format is apt for individuals who desire to get admission in abroad universities for their higher education needs. The score in IELTS is one of the criteria leveraged by institutions to offer admission in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

IELTS General Training format:

The General Training format essentially tests your communications skills and social situation skills and evaluates your proficiency in English. It’s usually a compulsory visa prerequisite for individuals seeking to migrate to countries where English is the primary communication language. This exam is usually taken by individuals who desire to study secondary education or work abroad.

Each section in detail:

  • The IELTS Reading, Listening, and the Writing sections are completed on the same day with no intervals.
  • But, the speaking section must be finished within a week, either after or before the other tests. This advice will be provided by the test center.
  • The total duration of the test will be 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The IELTS Exam Scoring system:

Band 9 is the highest band scale for IELTS Academic or the IELTS General Training formats.

For every section you will receive a score which is anything from 1 – 9; you can get 6.5 or 7.5 as well.

Let us now see what each of the band scores means briefly:

Band score 9:

You have got 9 means that you have outstanding command on the English language. Your English is fluent, precise, and very appropriate.

Band score 8:

This score means that you have a great command of handling complex and in-depth arguments but have only rare unsystematic inaccuracies.

Band score 7:

You are good but some inappropriate usage of English in a few circumstances.

Band score 6:

You are competent in spite of having some impressions. You can comprehend complex language but in familiar situations.

Band score 5:

You have partial command of the English language so you will likely make mistakes. You will be able to handle basic communication easily.

Band score 4:

You are good at familiar circumstances. You often have problems in understanding and can’t use complex language.

Band score 3:

You can understand only common meanings and acquainted circumstances. Communication problem is your drawback.

Band score 2:

You are not capable of understanding written and spoken English.

Band score 1:

This test taker doesn’t have the skill to use the English language except for some words.

Band score 0:

The candidate hasn’t answered any questions.


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