French Language Training Course

One of the quick ways to learn French is to speak it. If you are looking for a good institute where you can get French language training in Abu Dhabi, then Al Manal is the best institute where many students have successfully completed their training. With a special focus on listening skills and speaking skills, our instructors will help you reach your French language goals in no time.

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    Best French Language Training Center in Abu Dhabi

    French Classes Course Syllabus

    Grammar | Listening | Pronunciation | Reading | Vocabulary | Writing

    If you already have experience learning French, you don’t have to join our beginner or Level A1 course. Based on your understanding, you can start with Level A2 or Level B1, which is the intermediate level. Know each of these levels in detail to understand the suitable level to join, so that you can master the French language course quickly.

    Based on your skill level, you should join one of the levels so that you can begin your preparation to master the French language in a short period. Our experts at Al Manal Training Institute in Abu Dhabi are all-equipped to help you learn the language quickly all we need is your dedication and passion for the language. Do you have any queries? Call us right away on 052-7222815.


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    18 Years and above, Basic Level of English Language understanding

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