IATA Passenger Ground Services Training Course

Do you know in the past 3 years, more than 1300 participants from 58 countries have opted for this course and stepped up in the industry of airlines? If you’re planning to take the Passenger Ground Service course then you are in the very right place. Al Manal training center has brought the best as well as a curated program for the interested candidates

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    Best IATA Passenger Ground Services Training Center in Abu Dhabi

    The IATA Passenger Ground Services(PGS) training and certification course program is aiming to develop a new generation of global aviation executives. However, this certification is vital to enter the airline or aviation industry. After learning this course from our institute, you will obtain the skills and knowledge that you will need to provide at the check-in, gate Computer Reservation and also Departure Control System, etc.

    IATA Passenger Ground Services Training Courses Abu Dhabi
    Almanal Training Center

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    Al manal Training institute, based in Abu Dhabi, is recognized as one of the best private institutes. With our experienced professionals, you will be able to learn with ease and at a suitable pace. Our institute is best at helping candidates who want to accomplish their dream careers.

    You will need to have core knowledge, skills, and competency to provide the passengers with a seamless, secure, and efficient travel journey. Our course at Al Manal provides every required tool and technique you need to learn in the Passenger Ground Service course. To join this course, call us at +971-52-7222815 or email at info@almanaltraining.ae .


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    18 Years and above, Basic Level of English Language understanding

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